Maliks Muwatta Book 43, Hadith Number 6E.

Section : The Blood-Money for Fingers.

ibn Abi Abd ar-Rahman said, “I asked Said ibn al Musayyab, ‘How much for the finger of a woman?’ He said, ‘Ten camels’ I said, ‘How much for two fingers?’ He said, ‘Twenty camels.’ I said, ‘How much for three?’ He said, ‘Thirty camels.’ I said, ‘How much for four?’ He said, ‘Twenty camels.’ I said, ‘When her wound is greater and her affliction stronger, is her blood-money then less?’ He said, ‘Are you an Iraqi?’ I said, ‘Rather, I am a scholar who seeks to verify things, or an ignorant man who seeks to learn.’ Said said, ‘It is the sunna, my nephew.'”

Malik said, “What is done in our community about all the fingers of the hand being cut off is that its blood-money is complete. That is because when five fingers are cut, their blood-money is the blood-money of the hand| fifty camels. Each finger has ten camels.”

Malik said, “The reckoning of the fingers is thirty-three dinars for each fingertip, and that is three and a third shares of camels.”