Maliks Muwatta Book 43, Hadith Number 6C.

Section : The Blood-Money for an Eye whose Sight is Lost.

Yahya related to me from Malik from Yahya ibn Said from Sulayman ibn Yasar that Zayd ibn Thabit used to say, “When the eye remains but the sight is lost, one hundred dinars are payable for it.”

Yahya said, “Malik was asked about cutting off the lower lid of the eye and the bone around the eye. He said, ‘There is only ijtihad in that unless the vision of the eye is impaired. He is entitled to an amount that is compatible to the extent the vision of the eye has been impaired.”

Yahya said that Malik said, “What is done in our community about removing the bad eye of a one-eyed man when it has already been blinded and still remains there in its place and the paralysed hand when it is cut off, is that there is only ijtihad in that, and there is no prescribed blood-money.”