Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 5, Hajj and ‘Umrah, Fiqh 5.124A.

Section : Time for Farewell Tawaf.

One should perform this rite after finishing all other rites and just before leaving Makkah so that it is the last rite one performs as a pilgrim, as mentioned in the hadith given above.

After the completion of the Farewell Tawafa pilgrim must leave Makkah, without engaging in any selling or buying or staying on for long thereafter. A person engaging in any of these must repeat his Tawaf before leaving Makkah. One may, however, stop for a while in order to purchase necessary provisions.

When departing, it is recommended that one should supplicate to Allah in these words as transmitted by Ibn ‘Abbas: Allahumma inni ‘ahduka wa ibnu ‘abdika wa ihnu ‘amatika. Hamalatni ‘ala ma sakhartali min khalqika wa satartanifi hiladika hatta ballaghtani-bini’matika-ilabaitika, waa’antani ‘ala ada-i nusuki, fa-in kunta radita ‘anni faz-dud ‘anni ridan, wa illa fa-minal aana farda ‘ani qabla an tan’a ‘an baitika dari. Fa hazha awanu insirafi in azintali ghaira mustabdilin bika wa la bi-baitika, wa la raghibun ‘anka wa la ‘an baitika. Allahummafa-as-hebnil al ‘afiyatafi badani wa sihatafi jismi wal ‘ismata fi dini, wa ahsen munqalabi, warzuqni ta’ataka ma abqaitani, wajma’ li balna khairai-dunyia wal akhirata, innaka ‘ala kuli shai’in qadeer. “O Allah! I am your slave, son of your slave, son of your maid slave. You enabled me to mount what You subjected to my service of Your creation. You protected me in this land of Yours, until You, by Your grace, brought me to Your House. You helped me perform rites of Hajj. O Allah! If You are pleased with me, increase Your pleasure with me. Otherwise, grant me Your pleasure before I depart from Your House. O Allah, now is the time for me to depart, by Your leave, without changing (my attitude) toward You and Your House, nor turning away from You or Your House. O Allah, grant me health in my body, purity in my religion, bless my return, and help me to obey You until You cause me to live, and combine for me the good of this world and the world to come. You have power over all things.”

Ash-Shafi’i said, “I like that when leaving the House of Allah, a pilgrim should stand by Al-Multazim, and then make the supplication mentioned in the above hadith.”

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