Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 2, Supererogatory Prayer, Fiqh 2.151C.

Section : The khutbah of salatul ‘id.

The khutbah after salatul id is a sunnah and so is listening to it. Abu Sa’id says: “On the id of breaking the fast and of the sacrifice, the Prophet would go to the musalla (prayer place) and begin with the salah and when he finished, he would face the people while the people were sitting in rows, and he would admonish them, advise them, and exhort them [to do good deeds]. And if he wished to send off an army or order something, he would do so and then leave.” Abu Sa’id then says: “The people continued to act likewise until I went out with Marwan, while he was the governor of Medinah, for one of the two ‘ids. When I arrived at the place of prayer, I found a minbar that was built by Kathir ibn as-Salt. When Marwan went to mount it before the prayer, I pulled him by his clothes. He pushed me away and gave the khutbah before the salah. I said to him: ‘By Allah you have changed [the order].’ He said: ‘O Abu Sa’id… what you know is gone.’ I said: ‘By Allah, what I know is better than what I don’t know.’ He said: ‘The people would not stay with us after the salah so we made the khutbah before the salah.'” This is related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.

‘Abdullah ibn as-Sa’ib said: “I prayed the ‘id salah with the Messenger of Allah and when he finished the salah he said: ‘We will be delivering a khutbah. Whoever wishes to stay for the khutbah may stay. Whoever would like to leave, may leave.'” This is related by an-Nasa’  I, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Majah.

Whatever has been recorded suggests that there are two khutbahs for the ‘id and the imam sits between them [i.e., like the khutbatul Jumu’ah]. Such reports are considered weak. An-Nawawi says: “There is nothing at all substantiated about there being more than one khutbah.”

Ibn al-Qayyim writes: “The Prophet would begin all of his khutbahs with the praise of Allah and there is no hadith from him that states that he began his ‘id khutbahs with takbir.

Ibn Majah recorded in his Sunan from Sa’id, the mu’azhzhin of the Prophet, that the Prophet would say the takbir during his khutbahs and even more so during the ‘id khutbahs. Still, this does not prove that he began his khutbah with it! The people differ over the beginning of the ‘id and the khutbah for salatul istisqa’ (prayer for rain). Some say that they are to begin with takbir. Some say that the khutbah for salatul istisqa’ begins with praying for forgiveness while others say it begins with praises of Allah.” Shaikh al-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah says: “That is correct as the Prophet said: ‘Every affair that does not begin with the praise of Allah is deficient.’ The Prophet began all of his speeches with praises of Allah. Concerning the statement of many jurists, i.e.. he began the ‘prayer for rain’ by asking forgiveness from Allah and the id speech with takbir, there is absolutely no proof for it in the Prophet’s sunnah. In fact the sunnah contradicts that statement as he began all of his speeches with the praises of Allah.”