Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 1, Purification and Prayer, Fiqh 1.104.

Section : The Azhan and Iqamah for Those Who Missed the Proper Time of Prayer.

One who sleeps through the time of a prayer or who forgets a prayer may make azhan and iqamah when he desires to pray. In a story recorded by Abu Dawud, when the Prophet, upon whom be peace, and his companions slept through the time of the morning prayer, he ordered Bilal to make the azhan and iqamah for the prayer. If one has missed many prayers, it is preferred to make one azhan at the beginning followed by an iqamah for each prayer. Says al-‘Athram, “I heard Abu ‘Abdullah (Ahmad) being asked what a man who had missed a prayer should do about the azhan. He mentioned the hadith of Hushaim from Abu az-Zubair… that the idol-worshippers kept the Prophet busy during four of his prayers during the Battle of the Clans. When part of the night had passed, he ordered Bilal to make the azhan and the iqamah and they prayed the afternoon, sunset, and night prayers in succession, each time followed by the iqamah.