Authentic Supplication Number 189.

`Aa’ishata  said: In the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah  the sun eclipsed so the Messenger of Allah  stood up and led the people in prayer, and he prolonged the standing [the recitation]; then, he bowed, and prolonged the bowing; then he lifted his head, and prolonged the standing, and it was shorter than the first; then he performed a prolonged bowing which was shorter than the first; then he lifted his head; and then he performed two prostrations. He, then, stood up and did the like in the second rak`ah. Then he stood up and said, “The sun and the moon do not eclipse because of someone’s life or death but are two signs amongst the signs of Allah which He shows to His worshippers so if you see them, then make haste for prayer.

Reported in Saheeh Al-Bukhari, #166 in the chapters regarding eclipses in Volume 2 of Muhammad Muhsin Khan’s translation.