Authentic Supplication Number 188.

Abi Musa said: The sun eclipsed so the Prophet  stood up in fright, fearing that it could be The Hour, then he came upon the Mosque and prayed with the longest standing, bowing and prostration I have ever seen him do; and he said: “these signs which Allah sends are never for the death, or the life of a person, but Allah frightens His bondservants with them. So if you see any of them then seek refuge in fear towards the remembrance of Allah, petitioning Him, and asking His forgiveness.”

‘Al-`Adawee said it was reported by Al-Bukhari, page 545 of volume 2 of Fath ‘Al-Baree; Muslim, page 215 of Nawawi volume 6; and An-Nisa’ee, page 154 of volume 3.