Authentic Supplication Number 79.

Upon getting up to pray in the midst of the night, the Messenger of Allah ¬†would say: ‘Allahumma lakal-hamdu, ‘anta noorus-samawati wal-‘ardhi wa man feehinna, walakal-hamdu ‘anta qayyamus-samawati wal ‘ardhi wa man feehinna, walakal-hamdu, ‘anta rabbus samawai’ wal ‘ardhi waman feehinna, [walakal-hamdu], ‘antal-haqqu, wa wa`dukal-haqqu, wa qawlukal-haqqu, wa liqa’uka haqqun, wal-jannatu haqqun, wan-naru haqqun, wan-nabiyyoona haqqun, wa muhammadun haqqun, wassa`atu haqqun, ‘allahamma laka ‘aslamtu wa bika ‘amentu, wa `alayka tawakkaltu, wa ‘ilayka ‘anabtu, wa bika khasamtu, wa ‘ilayka hakemtu, faghfirlee ma qaddamtu wa ma ‘akh-khartu, wa ma ‘asrartu wa ma ‘a`lantu, ‘anta ‘ilahee, la ‘ilaha ‘illa ‘anta (94).

(94) O’ my ‘ilah to You is all praise, You are The Noor (Light) of the Heavens and Earth and those in them. And to You is all praise You are the one that makes the Heavens, Earth, and those in them run, and to You is all praise. You are the Sustainer of the Heavens and the Earth and those in them, [and to You is all praise,] You are The Truth, your promise is the truth, your Statements are the truth, meeting You is truth, Paradise is truth, Hell-Fire is truth, the prophets are truth, Muhammad is truth, and the Hour is truth. O’ my ‘ilah to You I have surrendered, in You I have committed faith, unto You I have entrusted my concerns, to You I have turned in penitence, in your cause I have contended, and to your rules I have governed my affairs. So forgive me that which I have set forth, that which I have delayed, that which I have kept secret, and that which I have made known. You are my ‘ilah, there is no ‘ilah except You.

Agreed upon by Bukhari and Muslim, and Al-Albani included this hadeeth in The Authentic of Good Sayings as #67.