Authentic Supplication Number 78.

When the Messenger of Allah ¬†would get up for prayer at night he used to open his salat wish: ‘Allahumma rabba jibreela, wa micha’eela, wa ‘israfeela, fatiras-samawati wal ‘ardhi, `alimal ghaybi wash-shahadati, ‘anta tahkumu bayna `ibadika feema kanoo feehi yakhtalifoona, ‘ihdinee lima khtulifa feehi minal-haqqi bi’ithnika, ‘innaka tahdee man tasha’u ‘ila siratin mustaqeemin (93).

(93) O’ my ‘ilah Lord of Jibreel, hlicha’eel, and Israfeel, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Knower of the hidden, and the visible, You decide among your creation in justice in the matters in which they used to differ, guide me rightly to that which has been differed upon of the Truth by your leave, You guide whomever You will to a straight path.

Reported by Muslim, and is #66 in The Authentic of Good Sayings.

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