Shama-il Tirmidhi Chapter 16, Hadith Number 3 (109).

Hazrat Amr bin Huraith radiyallahu anhu relates that Sayyidina Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam was once delivering the sermon, and there was a black turban on his auspicious head.”

According to well known sayings, this sermon was at the time when Makkah Mukarramah was conquered. It was given from the threshold of the Ka’bah’s door, as has been mentioned in the previous ahaadith by Hazrat Jabir radiyallahu anhu. In some ahaadith relating to this incident, it has been mentioned that the sermon was delivered from a mimbar (pulpit), whereas the sermon at the time when Makkah Mukarramah was conquered was not given from a mimbar. Some say that this incident did not take place in Makkah Mukarramah, but at Madinah Munawwarah on a Friday. In some ahaadith it is also mentioned that this was a Friday sermon. Mulla Ali Qari has written on the commentary of Mishkat from Meerak Shah that this sermon was delivered before Sayyidina Rasoolullah sallallahu alihe wasallam passed away, and Allah knows best.