Shama-il Tirmidhi Chapter 13, Hadith Number 3 (101).

Hazrat Mazeedah bin Malik, the (maternal) grandfather of Hud says that when the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alaihe wasallam entered Makkah on the day it was conquered, his sword had gold and silver on it.

Talib who is one of the narrators of this hadith says that he asked the ustaadh, “On which part of the sword was the silver?” He replied, “The cap of the grip handle was made of silver.”

According to the majority of the Ulama it is not permissible to use gold on a sword. This hadith cannot be used as proof, as it has been declared to be weak. Allamah Turpishti says, “This hadith cannot be used as an argument because its sanad (chain of narrators) cannot be relied upon. The use of silver for the handle etc. is permissible according to the previous hadith.”

It is said that since it is not permissible to use gold, the narrator did not care to investigate which portion of the sword was made of gold. He only investigated those portions that were made of silver.