Chapter : Story of Ibn Sayyid.

Nafi’ reported that Ibn ‘Umar said: I met Ibn Sayyad twice and said to some of them (his friends): You state that it was he (the Dajjal). He said: By Allah, it is not so. I said: You have not told me the truth; by Allah some of you informed me that he would not die until he would have the largest number of offspring and huge wealth and it is he about whom it is thought so. Then Ibn Sayyad talked to us. I then departed and met him again for the second time and his eye had been swollen. I said: What has happened to your eye? He said: I do not know. I said: This is in your head and you do not know about it? He said: If Allah so wills He can create it (eye) in your staff. He then produced a sound like the braying of a donkey. Some of my companions thought that I had struck him with the staff as he was with me that the staff broke into pieces, but, by Allah, I was not conscious of it. He then came to the Mother of the Faithful (Hafsa) and narrated it to her and she said: What concern you have with him? Don’t you know that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) said that the first thing (by the incitement of which) he would come out before the public would be his anger?

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