Sahih Muslim Book 41, Hadith Number 6890.

Chapter : The sinking of an army in the earth which would attack the House.

‘Aisha reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) was startled in the state of sleep. We said: Allah’s Messenger, you have done something in the state of your sleep which you never did before, Thereupon he said: Strange it is that some, people of my Ummah would attack the House (Ka’ba) (for killing) a person who would belong to the tribe of the Quraish and he would try to seek protection in the House. And when they would reach the plain ground they would be sunk. We said: Allah’s Messenger, all sorts of people throng the path. Thereupon he said: Yes, there would be amongst them people who would come with definite designs and those who would come under duress and there would be travellers also, but they would all be destroyed through one (stroke) of destruction. though they would be raised in different states (on the Day of Resurrection). Allah would, however, raise them according to their intention.