Chapter : The question of a Jew from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) about soul and his words: “They ask thee about the soul”.

Khabbab reported that al-As b. Wa’il owed debt to me. I came to him in order to demand that. He said: I will never repay you unless you belie Muhammad. I said: I would never belie Muhammad until you die and you are again raised up. He said: When I would be raised up after death, I would repay your debt when I would get my property and children back. Waki’ said: This is how A’mash has narrated and it was on this occasion that this verse was revealed: “Hast thou seen him who disbelieves in Our message and says: I shall certainly be given wealth and children’ (xis, 77) up to “he would come to Us alone” (xix. 80).