Chapter : Refuge from the evil of what one has done, and what one has not done.

Abdullah reported that when it was evening Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) used to supplicate: “We have entered upon evening and so has the Kingdom of Allah entered upon evening; praise is due to Allah, there is no god but Allah the One, and there is no partner with Him. O Allah, I beg of Thee the blessing of this night and the blessing of that which lies in it. I seek refuge in Thee from the evil of it and what lies in it. O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee from sloth, from decrepitude, from the evil of vanity, from trial of the world, and from torment of the grave.” Zubaid, through another chain of transmitters, has narrated on the authority of Abdullah directly this addition: “There is no god but Allah, the One, there is no partner with Him, His is the Sovereignty and to Him is praise due and He is Potent over everything.”