Chapter : The merits of Hassan b. Thabit (Allah be pleased with him).

‘Aisha reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said. Satirise against the (non-believing amongst the) Quraish, for (the satire) is more grievous to them than the hurt of an arrow. So he (the Holy Prophet) sent (someone) to Ibn Rawiha and asked him to satirise against them, and he composed a satire, but it did not appeal to him (to the Holy Prophet). He then sent (someone) to Ka’b b. Malik (to do the same, but what he composed did not appeal to the Holy Prophet). He then sent one to Hassan b. Thabit. As he got into his presence, Hassan said: Now you have called for this lion who strikes (the enemies) with his tail. He then brought out his tongue and began to move it and said: By Him Who has sent you with Truth, I shall tear them with my tongue as the leather is torn. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Don’t be hasty; (let) Abu Bakr who has the best knowledge of the lineage of the Quraish draw a distinction for you in regard to my lineage, as my lineage is the same as theirs. Hassan then came to him (Abu Bakr) and after making inquiry (in regard to the lineage of the Holy Prophet) came back to him (the holy Prophet) and said: Allah’s Messenger, he (Abu Bakr) has drawn a distinction in vour lineage (and that of the Quraish) By Him Who has sent you with Truth, I shall draw out from them (your name) as hair is drawn out from the flour. ‘Aisha said: I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying to Hassin: Verily Ruh-ul-Qudus would continue to help you so long as you put up a defence on behalf of Allah and His Messenger. And she said: I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) saying: Hassan satirised against them and gave satisfaction to the (Muslims) and disquieted (the non-Muslims). You satirised Muhammad, but I replied on his behalf, and there is reward with Allah for this. You satirised Muhammad, virtuous, righteous. The Apostle of Allah, whose nature is truthfulness. So verily my father and his father and my honour are a protection to the honour of Muhammad. May I lose my dear daughter, if you don’t see her, wiping away the dust from the two sides of Kada’, they pull at the rein, going upward. On their shoulders are spears thirsting (for the blood of the enemy); our steeds are sweating-our women wipe them with their mantles. If you had not interfered with us, we would have performed the ‘Umra, and (then) there was the Victory, and the darkness cleared away. Otherwise wait for the fighting on the day in which Allah will honour whom He pleases. And Allah said: I have sent a servant who says the Truth in which there is no ambiguity. And Allah said: I have prepared an army-they are the Ansar whose object is fighting (the enemy). There reaches every day from Ma’add abuse, or fighting or satire. Whoever satirises the Apostle from amongst you, or praises him and helps it is all the same. And Gabriel, the Apostle of Allah is among us, and the Holy Spirit who has no match.