Chapter : The merits of Hassan b. Thabit (Allah be pleased with him).

Masruq reported: I visited ‘Aisha when Hassin was sitting there and reciting verses from his compilation: She is chaste and prudent. There is no calumny against her and she rises up early in the morning without eating the meat of the unmindful. ‘Aisha said: But you are not so. Masruq said: I said to her: Why do you permit him to visit you, whereas Allah has said: “And as for him among them who took upon himself the main part thereof, he shall have a grievous punishment” (XXIV. 11)? Thereupon she said: What torment can be more severe than this that he has become blind? He used to write satire as a rebuttal on behalf of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him).