Sahih Muslim Book 20, Hadith Number 4720.

Chapter : Saying of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him): “A group of people from my Umma will always remain on the right path and continue to be triumphant.’ their opponents shall not be able to do them any harm.

It has been related by, Yazid b. al-Asamm that he heard Mu’awiya b. Abu Sufyan quote a tradition from the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) which he related from the Prophet (mail peace he upon him)-and he did not hear him quote from the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) any tradition other than this in the course of his sermon from the pulpit-that whom Allah wants to do a favour, He grants him an understanding of religion. A group of people from the Muslims will remain on the Right Path and continue until the Day of Judgment to triumph over those who oppose them.