Sahih Muslim Book 19, Hadith Number 4455.

Chapter : Fighting of women side by side with men.

It has been narrated on the authority of Anas b. Malik who said: On the Day of Ubud some of the people, being defeated, left the Holy Prophet (may peace he upon him), but Abu Talha stood before him covering him with a shield. Abu Talha was a powerful archer who broke two or three bows that day. When a man would pass by carrying a quiver containing arrows, he would say: Spare them for Abu Talha. Whenever the Holy Prophet (way peace be upon him) raised his head to look at the people, Abd Talba would say: Prophet of Allah, may my father and my mother be thy ransom, do not raise your head lest you be struck by an arrow shot by the enemy. My neck is before your neck. The narrator said: I saw ‘Aisha bint Abu Bakr and Umm Sulaim. Both of them had tucked up their garments, so I could me the anklets on their feet. They were carrying water-skins on their backs and would pour water into the mouths of the people. They would then go back (to the well), would fill them again and would return to pour water into the mouths of the soldiers. (On this day). Abu Talha’s sword dropped down from his hands twice or thrice because of drowsiness.