Sahih Muslim Book 19, Hadith Number 4373.

Chapter : Justification for killing those guilty of breach of trust and making the people of the fort surrender on the arbitration of a just person.

This tradition has been narrated by Hishim through the same chain of transmitters with a little difference in the wording. He said: (His wound) began to bleed that very night and it continued to bleed until he died. He has made the addition that it was then that (a non-believing) poet said:

Hark, O Sa’d, Sa’d of Banu Mu’adh,

What have the Quraiaa and Nadir done?

By thy life! Sa’d b. Mu’adh Was steadfast on the morn they departed.

You have left your cooking-pot empty, While the cooking-pot of the people is hot and boiling.

Abu Hubab the nobleman has said, O Qainuqa’, do not depart.

They were weighty in their country just as rocks are weighty in Maitan.