Sahih Muslim Book 18, Hadith Number 4271.

Chapter : It is meritorious for a judge to bring about conciliation between two contending persons or parties.

Hammim b. Munabbih said: Abu Huraira reported (so many) ahadith of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), and one of them is this: A person bought from another person a piece of land, and the person who had, bought that land found in it an earthen ware which contained gold. The person who had bought the land said (to the seller of the land): Take your gold from me, for I bought only the land from you and not the gold. The man who had sold the land said: I sold the land to you and whatever was in it. They referred the matter to a person. One who was made as a judge said to them: Have you any issue? One of them said: I have a boy, and the other said: I have a young daughter He (the judge) said: Marry this young boy with the girl, and spend something on yourselves and also give (some) charity out of it.