Sahih Muslim Book 10, Hadith Number 3748.

Chapter : Excellence of planting of trees and tilling of land.

Hanzala b. Qais al-Ansari reported: I asked Rafi’ b. Khadij about the renting of land for gold and silver, whereupon he said: There is no harm in it for the people let out land situated near canals and at the ends of the streamlets or portion of fields. (But it so happened) that at times this was destroyed and that was saved, whereas (on other occasions) this portion was saved and the other was destroyed and thus no rent was payable to the people (who let out lands) but for this one (which was saved). It was due to this that he (the Holy Prophet) prohibited it. But if there is something definite and reliable (e.g. money), there is no harm in it.