Sahih Muslim Book 9, Hadith Number 3566.

Chapter: Li’an (Invoking curse).

Muhammad (one of the narrators) reported: I asked Anas b. Malik (Allah be pleased with him) knowing that he had a knowledge of (the case of li’an). He said: Hilal b. Umayya (Allah be pleased with him) accused his wife with the charge of fornication with Sharik b. Sahma, the brother of al-Bara’b Malik from the side of his mother. And he was the first person who invoked curse (li’an) in Islam. He in fact invoked curse upon her. Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: See to her if she gives birth to a white-complexioned child having dark hair and bright eyes; he must be the son of Hilal b. Umayya; and if she gives birth to a child with dark eyelids, curly hair and lean shanks, he must be the offspring of Sharik b. Sahma. He said: I was informed that she gave birth to a child having dark eyelids, curly hair and lean shanks.