Sahih Muslim Book 7, Hadith Number 3125.

Chapter : No polytheist is authorised to perform pilgrimage of the Ka’ba and circumambulate the House naked and the description of the great Hajj.

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported: Abu Bakr Siddiq (Allah be pleased with him) sent me during Hajj before the Farewell Pilgrimage for which Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) had appointed him an Amir, among a group of people whom he had ordered to make announcement to the people on the Day of Nahr: “After this year no polytheist may perform the Pilgrimage and no naked person may circumambulate the House.” Ibn Shihab stated that Humaid b. Abd al-Rahman said that according to this narration of Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) the day of Hajj al-Akbar (Great Hajj) is this Day of Nahr (10th of Dhu’l-Hijja).