Sahih Muslim Book 7, Hadith Number 2772.

Chapter : Types of Ihram- It is permissible to enter into the state of Ihram singularly for the sake of Hajj or for tamattu’ bi’l-‘umra ila’l-Hajj or for both hajj and ‘umra together.

A’isba (Allah be pleased with her) said: We proceeded with the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) with no other Intention but that of performing the Hajj. As I was at Sarif or near it, I entered in the state of menses. The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) came to me and I was weeping, whereupon he said: Are you in a state of menses? I said. Yes. whereupon he said: This is what Allah has ordained for all the daughters, of Adam. Do whatever the pilgrim does, except that you should not circumambulate the House till you have washed yourself (at the end of the menses period). And the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) offered sacrifice of a cow on behalf of his wives.