Sahih Muslim Book 5, Hadith Number 2310.

Chapter : The Khwarij and their characteristics.

Rafi’ b. Khadij reported that the Messenger of Allah; (may peace be upon him) gave to Abu Sufyan b. Harb and Saf wan. b. Umayya and ‘Uyaina b. Hisn and Aqra’ b. Habis, i.e. to every one of these persons, one hundred of camels, and gave to ‘Abbas b. Mirdas less than this number. Upon this ‘Abbas b. Mirdis said:

You allot the share of my booty and that of my horse between ‘Uyaina and Aqra’. Both Uyaina and Aqra’ are in no way more eminent than Mirdas (my father) in the assembly. I am in no way inferior to any one of these persons. And he who is let down today would not be elevated.

He (the narrator) said: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) then completed one hundred camels for him.