Sahih Muslim Book 5, Hadith Number 2307.

Chapter : The Khwarij and their characteristics.

Anas b. Malik reported: When Mecca was conquered, he (the Holy Prophet) distributed the spoils among the Quraish. Upon this the Ansar said: It is strange that our swords are dripping with their blood, whereas our spoils have been given to them (to the Quraish). This (remark) reached the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him), and so he gathered them and said: What is this that has been conveyed to me about you? They said: (Yes) it is that very thing that, has reached you-and they were not (the people) to speak lie. Upon this he said: Don’t you like that the people should return to their houses along with worldly riches, whereas you should return to your houses with the Messenger of Allah? If the people were to tread a valley or d narrow path, and the Ansar were also to tread a valley or a narrow path, I would tread the valley (along with the) Ansar or the narrow path (along with the) Ansar.

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