Sahih Muslim Book 4, Hadith Number 897.

Chapter : Women coming out (from their houses) for going to the mosque when there is no apprehension of wickedness, but they should not come out scented.

Ibn ‘Abbas reported: The word of (Allah) Great and Glorious: ‘And utter not thy prayer loudly, nor be low in it” (xvii. 110) was revealed as the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) was hiding himself in Mecca. When he led his Companions in prayer he raised his voice (while reciting the) Qur’an. And when the polytheists heard that, they reviled the Qur’an and Him Who revealed it and him who brought it. Upon this Allah, the Exalted, said to His Apostle (may peace be upon him): Utter not thy prayer so loudly that the polytheists may hear thy recitation and (recite it) not so low that it may be inaudible to your Companions. Make them hear the Qur’an, but do not recite it loudly and seek a (middle) way between these. Recite between loud and low tone.