Sahih Muslim Book 1, Hadith Number 371.

Chapter : The lowest of the ranks in Paradise.

Yazid al-Faqir said: This view of the Khwarij (i.e. those who commit major sins and would be eternally doomed to Hell) had obsessed me, and we set out in a large group intending to perform the hajj and then going to the people (for the propagation of the views of the Khwarij). He (the narrator) said: We happened to past by Medina and found there Jabir b. ‘Abdullah sitting near a column narrating to the people (the ahadith of) the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him). When he mentioned the inhabitants of Hell, I said: O companion of the Messenger of Allah what is this that thou narrateth, whereas Allah sayeth: “Verily whomsoever Thou shall commit to the Fire, Thou indeed humillateth him” (al-Qur’an, iii. 192); and All those who endeavoured to get out of that would be thrown back into it” (al-Qur’an, xxxii. 20)? So what is it that you say? He said: Have you read the Qur’an? I said: Yes. He said: Have you heard about’ the (exalted) position of Muhammad (may peace be upon him), i.e. to which Allah would raise, him? I said: Yes. He said: Verily the position of Muhammad (may peace be upon him) is that of great glory and that is by which Allah would bring out whosoever He would wish to bring out. He then described the Path (the Bridge) and the passing of the people over it, and said: I am afraid I may not have remembered (other things) but this much is still in my memory that people would come out of the Hell after having gone into it, and he said: They would come out of it as if they were the wood of the ebony tree. He (the narrator said: They would enter a river, one or the rivers of Paradise, and would bathe in it, and then come out as if they were (white like) paper. We then turned back and said: Woe be upon you ! How can this old man tell a lie against the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)? We turned back (from the views of the Khwarij), and by God every one of us abandoned this (band of Khwarij) except one man. A similar statement has been made by Abu Nu’aim.