Sahih Muslim Book 016, Hadith Number 4170.

Chapter : Blood-wit of the child in the womb; and the essentiality of blood-with in case of unintentional murder and in case of the quasi-intentional murder.

Al-Mughira b. Shu'ba reported that a woman struck her co-wife with a tent-pole and she was pregnant and she killed her. One of them belonged to the tribe of Lihyan. Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) made the relatives of the murderer responsible for the payment of blood-wit on her behalf, and fixed a slave or a female slave as the indemnity for what was in her womb. One of the persons amongst the relatives of the murderer said: Should we pay indemnity for one who neither ate, nor drank, nor made any noise, who was just like a nonentity? Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) remarked: He speaks rhymed phrases like the people of the desert. He did impose indemnity upon them.

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