Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 89, Hadith Number 322.

Narrated By Um Atiyya : We gave the Pledge of allegiance to the Prophet and he recited to me the verse (60.12). That they will not associate anything in worship with Allah (60.12). And he also prevented us from wailing and lamenting over the dead. A woman from us held her hand out and said, “Such-and-such a woman cried over a dead person belonging to my family and I want to compensate her for that crying” The Prophet did not say anything in reply and she left and returned. None of those women abided by her pledge except Um Sulaim, Um Al-‘Ala’, and the daughter of Abi Sabra, the wife of Al-Muadh or the daughter of Abi Sabra, and the wife of Mu’adh.