Narrated By ‘Aisha : A man came to the Prophet in the mosque and said, “I am burnt (ruined)!” The Prophet asked him, “With what (what have you done)?” He said, “I have had sexual relation with my wife in the month of Ramadan (while fasting).” The Prophet said to him, “Give in charity.” He said, “I have nothing.” The man sat down, and in the meantime there came a person driving a donkey carrying food to the Prophet… (The sub-narrator, ‘Abdur Rahman added: I do not know what kind of food it was). On that the Prophet said, “Where is the burnt person?” The man said, “Here I am.” The Prophet said to him, “Take this (food) and give it in charity (to someone).” The man said, “To a poorer person than l? My family has nothing to eat.” Then the Prophet said to him, “Then eat it yourselves.”

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