Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 74, Hadith Number 297.

Narated By Sahl bin Sad : There was no name dearer to ‘Ali than his nickname Abu Turab (the father of dust). He used to feel happy whenever he was called by this name. Once Allah’s Apostle came to the house of Fatima but did not find ‘Ali in the house. So he asked “Where is your cousin?” She replied, “There was something (a quarrel) between me and him whereupon he got angry with me and went out without having a midday nap in my house.” Allah’s Apostle asked a person to look for him. That person came, and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! He (Ali) is sleeping in the mosque.” So Allah’s Apostle went there and found him lying. His upper body cover had fallen off to one side of his body, and so he was covered with dust. Allah’s Apostle started cleaning the dust from him, saying, “Get up, O Abu Turab! Get up, Abu Turab!” (See Hadith No. 432, Vol 1)

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