Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Hadith Number 163.

Narated By ‘Abdur-Rahman bin Abu Bakr : Abu Bakr came with a guest or some guests, but he stayed late at night with the Prophet and when he came, my mother said (to him), “Have you been detained from your guest or guests tonight?” He said, “Haven’t you served the supper to them?” She replied, “We presented the meal to him (or to them), but he (or they) refused to eat.” Abu Bakr became angry, rebuked me and invoked Allah to cause (my) ears to be cut and swore not to eat of it!” I hid myself, and he called me, “O ignorant (boy)!” Abu Bakr’s wife swore that she would not eat of it and so the guests or the guest swore that they would not eat of it till he ate of it. Abu Bakr said, “All that happened was from Satan.” So he asked for the meals and ate of it, and so did they. Whenever they took a handful of the meal, the meal grew (increased) from underneath more than that mouthful. He said (to his wife), “O, sister of Bani Firas! What is this?” She said, “O, pleasure of my eyes! The meal is now more than it had been before we started eating” So they ate of it and sent the rest of that meal to the Prophet. It is said that the Prophet also ate of it.