Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Hadith Number 163.

Narated By Abu Qatada : That he was in the company of Allah’s Apostle and when they had covered a portion of the road to Mecca, he and some of the companions lagged behind. The latter were in a state of Ihram, while he was not. He saw an onager and rode his horse and requested his companions to give him his lash but they refused. Then he asked them to give him his spear but they refused, so he took it himself, attacked the onager, and killed it. Some of the companions of the Prophet ate of it while some others refused to eat. When they caught up with Allah’s Apostle they asked him about that, and he said, “That was a meal Allah fed you with.” (It is also said that Allah’s Apostle asked, “Have you got something of its meat?”)