Sahih Bukhari Volume 2, Book 26, Hadith Number 702.

Narated By ‘Aisha : We set out with Allah’s Apostle in the year of his Last Hajj and we mended (the Ihram) for ‘Umra. Then the Prophet said, “Whoever has a Hadi with him should assume Ihram for both Hajj and ‘Umra, and should not finish it till he performs both of the them (Hajj and ‘Umra).” When we reached Mecca, I had my menses. When we had performed our Hajj, the Prophet sent me with ‘Abdur-Rahman to Tan’im and I performed the ‘Umra. The Prophet said, “This is in lieu of your missed ‘Umra.” Those who had assumed Ihram for ‘Umra performed Tawaf (between Safa and Marwa) and then finished their Ihram. And then they performed another Tawaf (between Safa and Marwa) after returning from Mina. And those who had assumed lhram for Hajj and ‘Umra to get her (Hajj-Qiran) performed only one Tawaf (between Safa and Marwa).