Maliks Muwatta Book 53, Hadith Number 6.

Section : General Section on the Greeting.

Yahya related to me from Malik from Ishaq ibn Abdullah ibn Abi Talha that at-Tufayl ibn Ubayy ibn Kab told him that he visited Abdullah ibn Umar one morning and went out with him to the market, and when they were out, Abdullah ibn Umar did not pass by anyone selling poor merchandise or selling commodities or a needy person or anyone but that he greeted them.

At-Tufayl said, “I came to Abdullah ibn Umar one day and he asked me to follow him to the market. I said to him, ‘What will you do in the market if you will not stop to sell nor seek any goods or barter with them or sit in any of the assemblies or market?’ Abdullah ibn Umar said that we should sit down and talk, and then he explained, ‘Abu Batni, (lit. father of the belly, at-Tufayl had a prominent stomach), we go out in the morning only for the sake of the greeting. We greet whomever we meet.'”

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