Maliks Muwatta Book 41, Hadith Number 19B.

Section : What has No Hadd for It.

Malik said, “The best of what is heard about a slave-girl whom a man has intercourse with while he has a partner in her is that the hadd is not inflicted on him and the child is connected to him. When the slave-girl becomes pregnant, her value is estimated and he gives his partners their shares of the price and the slave-girl is his. That is what is done among us.”

Malik said about a man who made his slave-girl halal to a man that if the one for whom she was made halal had intercourse with her, her value was estimated on the day he had intercourse with her and he owed that to her owner whether or not she conceived. The hadd was averted from him by that. If she conceived the child was connected to him.

Malik said about a man who had intercourse with his son’s or daughter’s slave-girl, “The hadd is averted from him and he owes the estimated value of the slave-girl whether or not she conceives.”