Maliks Muwatta Book 40, Hadith Number 2.

Section : General Section on Tadbir.

Malik spoke about a mudabbar who said to his master, “Free me immediately and I will give fifty dinars which I will have to pay in instalments.” His master said, “Yes. You are free and you must pay fifty dinars, and you will pay me ten dinars every year.” The slave was satisfied with this. Then the master dies one, two or three days after that. He said, “The freeing is confirmed and the fifty dinars become a debt against him. His testimony is permitted, his inviolability as a free man is confirmed, as are his inheritance and his liability to the full hudud punishments. The death of his master, however, does not reduce the debt for him at all.”

Malik said that if a man who made his slave a mudabbar died and he had some property at hand and some absent property, and in the property at hand there was not enough (in the third he was allowed to bequeath) to cover the value of the mudabbar, the mudabbar was kept there together with this property, and his tax (kharaj) was gathered until the master’s absent property was clear. Then if a third of what his master left would cover his value, he was freed with his property and what had gathered of his tax. If there was not enough to cover his value in what his master had left, as much of him was freed as the third would allow, and his property was left in his hands.

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