Maliks Muwatta Book 32, Hadith Number 11.

Section : Expenses Not Permitted in Qirad.

Yahya said that Malik spoke about an agent who had qirad money with him and he spent from it and clothed himself. He said, “He cannot give away any of it, and neither a beggar nor anyone else is to be given any of it and he does not pay anyone compensation from it. If he meets some people, and they bring out food and he brings out food, I hope that that will be permitted to him if he does not intend to bestow something on them. If he intends that or what is like that without the permission of the investor, he must get the sanction of the investor for it. If he sanctions it, there is no harm. If he refuses to sanction it, he must repay it with like if he has something which is suitable as compensation.”