Maliks Muwatta Book 31, Hadith Number 79.

Section : Sale according to List of Contents.

Malik spoke about what was done among them in the case of a group of people who bought goods, drapery or slaves, and a man heard about it and said to one of the group, “I have heard the description and situation of the drapery goods you bought from so-and-so. Shall I give you such-and-such profit to take over your portion?” This person agreed, and the man gave him the profit and became a partner in his place. When he looked at the purchase, he saw that it was ugly and found it too expensive.

Malik said, “It is obliged on him and there is no choice in it for him if he bought it according to a list of contents and the description was well-known.”

Malik spoke about a man who had drapery goods sent to him, and salesmen came to him and he read to them his list of contents and said, “In each bag is such-and-such a wrap from Basra and such-and-such a light wrap from Sabir. Their size is such-and-such,” and he named to them types of drapery goods by their sort, and he said, “Buy them from me according to this description.” They bought the bags according to what he described to them, and then they bought them and found them too expensive and regretted it. Malik said, “The sale is binding on them, if the goods agree with the list of contents on which he sold them.”

Malik said, “This is the way of doing things which people still use today. They permit the sale among them when the goods agree with the list of contents and are not different from it.”