Maliks Muwatta Book 31, Hadith Number 63.

Section : What Is Not Permitted in the Sale of Animals.

Yahya related to me from Malik from Ibn Shihab that Said ibn al-Musayyab said, “There is no usury in animals. There are three things forbidden in animals| al-madamin, al-malaqih and habal al-habala. Al-madamin is the sale of what is in the wombs of female camels. Al-malaqih is the sale of the breeding qualities of camels” (i.e. for stud).

Malik said, “No one should buy a specified animal when it is concealed from him or in another place, even if he has already seen it, very recently or not so recently, and was pleased enough with it to pay its price in cash.”

Malik said, “That is disapproved of because the seller makes use of the price and it is not known whether or not those goods are found to be as the buyer saw them or not. For that reason, it is disapproved of. There is no harm in it if it is described and guaranteed.”