Maliks Muwatta Book 25, Hadith Number 8.

Section : Game Caught by Trained Dogs.

Yahya related to me from Malik that he had heard some of the people of knowledge say that when falcons, eagles, and hawks and their like, understood as trained dogs understood, there was no harm in eating what they had killed in the course of hunting, if the name of Allah had been mentioned when they were sent out.

Malik said, “The best of what I have heard about retrieving game from the falcon’s talons or from the dog’s fangs and then waiting until it dies, is that it is not halal to eat it.”

Malik said, “The same applies to anything which could have been slaughtered by the hunter when it was in the talons of the falcon or the fangs of the dog. If the hunter leaves it until the falcon or dog has killed it, it is not halal to eat it either”. He continued, “The same thing applies to any game hit by a hunter and caught while still alive, which he neglects to slaughter before it dies.”

Malik said, “It is generally agreed among us that it is halal to eat the game that a hunting-dog belonging to magians hunts or kills, if it is sent out by a muslim and the animal is trained. There is no harm in it even if the muslim does not actually slaughter it.

It is the same as a muslim using a magian’s knife to slaughter with or using his bow and arrows to shoot and kill with. The game he shot and the animal he slaughters are halal. There is no harm in eating them. If a magian sends out a muslim’s hunting dog for game, and it catches it, the game is not to be eaten unless it is slaughtered by a muslim. That is like a magian using a muslim’s bow and arrow to hunt game with, or like his using a muslim’s knife to slaughter with. It is not halal to eat anything killed like that.