Maliks Muwatta Book 21, Hadith Number 16B.

Section : What It is Permissible for the Muslims to Eat Before the Spoils are Divided.

Malik said, “I do not see that there is any harm in the Muslims eating whatever food they come across in enemy territory before the spoils are divided.”

Malik said, “I think that any camels, cattle and sheep (taken as booty) are considered as food which the Muslims can eat in enemy territory. If they could not be eaten until the people had gathered for the division and the spoils had been distributed among them, that would be harmful for the army. I do not see any objection to eating such things within acceptable limits. I do not think, however, that anyone should store up any of it to take back to his family.”

Malik was asked whether it was proper for a man who obtained food in enemy territory and ate some of it and made provision so that there was some of it left over to keep and eat with his family, or to sell before he had come to his country and make use of its price. He said, “If he sells it while he is on a military expedition, I think that he should put its price into the booty of the Muslims. If he takes it back to his country, I see no objection to his eating it and using it if it is a small insignificant thing.”