Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 5, Hajj and ‘Umrah, Fiqh 5.074A.

Section : Tawaf (circumambulation) should be immediately followed by Sa’i (between Safa and Marwah).

A short break in between the two, however, may be made. A longer interval because of a genuine excuse will also do no harm and is permissible. The Hanafi and Shafi’i schools hold that such a continuance (of Sa’i immediately after tawaf) is Sunnah of the Prophet.

Similarly there is no harm if one performs tawaf in parts and with long intervals in between, and even if it is done without any genuine reason. Such a person may continue the remaining rounds and complete his tawaf.

Sa’id bin Mansur reported from Humaid bin Zaid that he said: “I saw ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar go three or four times around the Ka’bah, and he then sat down for a rest, while his servant fanned him. Then he resumed his Tawaf from where he had left it. Both Shafi’i and Hanafi schools hold that if one’s ablution is void during the tawaf; one should redo it and resume the tawaf to complete its remaining rounds, regardless of the length of the interval.

It is reported that once Ibn ‘Umar heard the call for prayer while he was performing his tawaf. He interrupted his tawaf and offered the prayers with the congregation. Then he resumed his tawaf from where he had left it.

‘Ata is reported to have given a verdict concerning a person who had to interrupt his tawaf in order to participate in a funeral prayer, saying that such a person may resume his tawaf and complete the remaining rounds.