Section : Is There Any Other Sanctuary Besides Makkah and Madinah?.

Ibn Taimiyyah said, “There is no other sanctuary in the whole world besides these two, not even the Al-Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem, nor any other, even though some ignorant people call them Haram al-Maqdis and Haram al-Khalil. By consensus Haram Makkah is the only Haram (sanctuary). About Madinah there is no such consensus. A majority of scholars, however, hold that Madinah is also a sanctuary, as mentioned in ahadith on this subject.

Muslim scholars disagree about a third sanctuary, namely, Wuja, a valley of Al-Ta’if. Ash-Shafi’i regards it a sanctuary. Ash-Shawkani agrees with him, but the majority of the scholars disagree and do not consider it a sanctuary.”

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