Section : Sacred precincts of Makkah (Haram Makkah).

The Sacred Precincts of Makkah include the area around Makkah, marked by stones a meter high, on all roads leading to, or from Makkah.

On the northern side Haram Makkah extends to Tan’im, six kilometres from the Sacred Mosque, and on the southern side to Adah, twelve kilometres from Makkah. On its eastern side, sixteen kilometres away, lies al-Ji’ranah, while on its north-eastern border lies the valley of Nakhlah, which is fourteen kilometres from Makkah. On the western border lies Al-Shmaisi, (This place used to be called Al-Hudaibiya. It was here that the Prophet (peace be upon him) took the famous pledge – bai ‘at ridwan – from his Companions. The Battle of Al-Hudaibiya is named after it) fifteen kilometres from Makkah.

Muhibbuddin At-Tabari reported from Az-Zuhari from Obaidullah bin Abdullah bin ‘Utba and said: “Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) put up markers for the Sacred Precincts as shown to him by Gabriel (peace be upon him).” These markers were undisturbed until the time of Qusaiy, who renewed them. After that the Prophet (peace be upon him), in the year of the conquest of Makkah, sent Tamim bin Osaid al-Khozai’i to refurbish them. Later ‘Umar appointed four men from Quraish, Muhrama bin Nawfal, Sa’id bin Yarbu’, Howaiteb bin Abdil-Uzza, and Azhar bin Abd-Auf, to renew these markers. Subsequently, first Mu’awiyah and then Abdul-Malik refurbished them.

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