Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 5, Hajj and ‘Umrah, Fiqh 5.033A.

Section : Tamattu’ – Combining ‘Umrah and Hajj With a Break in Between.

Tamattu’ means performing ‘Umrah during the Hajj season, and then subsequently making Hajj the same year. It is called tamattu’ (or enjoyment) due to the fact that a pilgrim has the added advantage of performing Hajj and ‘Umrah in the same journey without having to go back home, and also because such a pilgrim after the ‘Umrah, enjoys normal life; he can wear his usual clothes, apply perfume, and do other things until the time he once again puts on his Hajj garb for the Hajj.

Anyone intending to make a tamattu’ should on approaching the miqat, first make intention for ‘Umrah. While uttering talbiyah he should say: Labbaik bil ‘Umrah. “O Allah, I answer Your call to perform ‘Umrah.” Such a pilgrim should keep on his or her Hajj garb until he circumambulates around the Ka’bah, walks between Safa and Marwah, then clips his hair or shaves it. After that he may put away his Hajj garb and wear his usual clothes. He may do everything that is permissible but was prohibited for him in the state of ihram. On the 8th of Zhul-Hijjah, such a person must declare his or her intention to perform Hajj and put on ihram from Makkah.

The author of Al-Fath says: “The majority of the scholars agree that Tamattu’ means a pilgrim may combine Hajj with ‘Umrah during the months of the Hajj and in the same journey, and that when he performs ‘Umrah he should be present in Makkah. In the absence of any of these conditions he may not perform Hajj tamattu’.