Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 4, Funerals and Dhikr, Fiqh 4.026E.

Section : Washing Severed Parts of a Body.

There is a difference of opinion among Muslim jurists concerning washing parts severed from a body. According to Ash-Shafi’i, Ahmad and Ibn Hazm these parts must be washed and shrouded, and funeral prayer should be offered for the departed soul.

Ash-Shafi’i said: “We were informed that a bird dropped a (human) hand in Makkah after the Battle of the Camel. The people identified it by a ring on one of its fingers (It was the hand of Abdul al-Rahman ibn ‘Itab ibn Usayd (probably killed in the battle).  It was washed and a (funeral) prayer was offered on it. This was witnessed by many Companions alive at the time.

Ahmad said: Abu Ayub offered funeral prayer on a (severed) foot of a dead person, while ‘Umar offered prayer on a dead man’s bones.

Ibn Hazm said: “A funeral prayer may be offered on any organ found from a dead Muslim’s body. It should be washed and shrouded, except when it is part of a martyr’ s body.” Ibn Hazm further remarks that offering prayer on any organ found from a Muslim’s body is analogous to praying for the whole person of the deceased, namely, for body and soul.

Abu Hanifah and Malik say, however, that, “If more than half of a Muslim ‘s body is found, then it should be washed and funeral prayer be offered on it, but otherwise it should not be washed nor should any funeral prayer be offered on it.