Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 3, Zakaat and Fasting, Fiqh 3.134A.

Section : Fasting, kissing for one who has the ability to control himself.

It is confirmed that ‘Aishah said: “The Prophet would kiss and embrace while he was fasting, for he had the most control of all of you over his desires.” ‘Umar said: “I was excited one time and I kissed [my wife] while I was fasting. I went to the Prophet and said: ‘Today I committed a horrendous act – I kissed while I was fasting.’ The Prophet asked: ‘What do you think of rinsing with water while fasting?’ I said: ‘There is nothing wrong with that.’ The Prophet said: ‘Then what is the question about?'”

Ibn al-Munzhir says: “‘Umar, Ibn ‘Abbas, Abu Hurairah, ‘Aishah, ‘Ata, ash-Sha’bi, al-Hassan, Ahmad, and Ishaq permit kissing. The Hanafiyyah and Shaf’iyyah say that it is disliked if it incites one’s desires. If it does not do so, it is not disliked although it is better to avoid it.” There is no difference between an old man or a young man in this matter. The question is whether or not the kiss excites one’s desires. If it does, it is disliked. If it does not, it is not disliked although it is best to avoid it. It does not matter if the kiss was on the cheek or on the lips, and so on. Touching with the hand or embracing follow the same ruling as kissing.

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